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Paddy And The Rats - Wacken Open Air Festival 2024


Szombat, 3. Augusztus 2024, 18:30


 Wacken Open Air - Home of Metal!

From: 31.07.2024 To: 03.08.2024 

Greetings, noble friends and companions! Be it known that a festive party of immeasurable mirth and abundance is nigh: We call it the WACKINGER STAGE!

There shall be victuals and drink aplenty, accompanied by merry music and moshing! Prepare yourselves for the most wonderous troubadours and fiercest musical warriors and shouters the realms have to offer – as they will travel to our fortress from the farthest Northlands as well as descend from the rough Alps. May this announcement be a truly raucous and fill your black hearts with joy and souls with jubilation.

Joining us at the Wackinger Stages this year will be:
Corvus Corax, Die Habenichts, Einherjer, Equilibrium, Extrabreit, Heidevolk, Koenix, Kupfergold, Skiltron, Svartsot, Tri State Corner, Vanaheim, Vogelfrey...etc.

Your presence is eagerly anticipated - Let us celebrate together a feast that shall be immortalized in the annals of time!

Your W:O:A Team

Paddy & The Rats

Thursday 03. 08. 2024.
(Doors: 10:00)
18:30 - 19:15 - Paddy and The Rats (Irish Folk Punk)

 Paddy & The Rats was formed in 2008 in Hungary. Since then, the band released 6 studio albums and reached significant numbers:

  • more than 30 million views on YouTube,
  • more than 70,000 followers on Facebook,
  • 9700 followers on Instagram,
  • more than 40,000 subscribers on YouTube.

In 2014 Paddy & The Rats became the officially most downloaded Hungarian band, for the first time.

Since 2008, the band has been touring in more than 20 countries from Italy to Sweeden, took part at several major festivals, such as Wacken (GER), Sziget (The Island Of Freedom, HU), Haarzuilens (NL), and a lot more.

Paddy & The Rats has had on average 60 gigs a year, half of them abroad and returns regularly to Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, The Czech Republic, France, every year, played with bands like Ignite, In Extremo, a Subway To Sally, Russkaja or Feuerschwanz.

In 2017, ’Riot City Outlaws’ (Napalm Records release) was produced by Cameron Webb (ex-Motörhead, Pennywise producer) and contains such successful singles with millions of views as ’Castaway’ and ’Join The Riot’.

Because of Covid-19 pandemic, a significant part of the 2020-21 summer festivals and the international club tours had to be cancelled or postponed to 2022, so the band released some new songs. ’Dark After The Night’ and ’Make A Change’ became gold and platinum singles in Hungary, and Paddy & The Rats reached 280 K monthly listening audience on average on Spotify.

At the end of 2021 accordion player Bernie Bellamy suddenly passed away. His last playing can be heard on the band’s latest album ’From Wasteland To Wonderland’ (Napalm Records, 2022).

The band decided not to replace him with another accordion player, so Zoli Baker – who has been working with them as producer and songwriter for a long time – joined Paddy & The Rats as keyboard and guitar player.


Paddy And The Rats I Hören & Sehen:


Paddy And The Rats

Music Booking: 

Szűcs Mihály +36 20 910 5312

Kate Pohl / Extratours

Thorsten Harm –
Oravecz Kristóf –

Helyszín: Wacken Open Air - Hauptstraße 36, 25596 Wacken, Deutschland


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