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Milonga del Angel virtual y Concert - live streamin' Tuesday !
kedd április 7, du. 9:00 PM
Art's Harmony Studio - 1085 Budapest, Rökk Szilárd utca 11.



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BUDAPEST TANGO TRIP with Tango Allegria 2019


Csütörtök, 31. Október 2019, 17:00
 Vasárnap, 3. November 2019

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BUDAPEST TANGO TRIP - 31 Ottobre - 3 Novembre 2019


A Long weekend full of events and emotions

Days of pure fun among Tango, Tourism, Spa, and Wellness



Tango Allegria at Budapest ...


Here we are finally on vacation !! Maybe it will be yours first experience with us or maybe one of many adventures done together ...
anyway we like it 
remember that the proposal always comes from experiences lived over the years, from our passion for Tango and for trips and the desire to share again these paths together with you.
A long weekend 
ideal to see the city of Budapest, discover the its most famous monuments and museums, browse the Danube, dance in the local milongas e certainly give yourself a wellness break in its famous historical Baths.
We will do tango lessons every day with Fernando Serrano, Silvia Colli and the masters of Hungarians Bela Barabas & Kata Hudry. 
We will stay in an excellent 4-star hotel in the near the municipal park Varosliget, home of the Terme "Szecheny Furdo", the hottest waters of Budapest !!So very important, put in suitcase, swimming cap, tango shoes !!!!
We are waiting for you at the hotel! Have a nice trip, everyone!
Budapest Tango Trip – Workshops and milongas:
(All the workshops are at Lions Garden Hotel in Budapest)
--- Thursday 31 October ---
17.00 TANGO lesson with Silvia e Fernando

18.30 MILOGUITA in Varosliget Park
21.00-00.00 MILONGA JUEVES
(adress: The Shift - Andrássy u. 35,  Budapest)


--- Friday 1 November ---
17.00 MILONGA lesson with Silvia e Fernando
18.00 VALS lesson with Silvia e Fernando
21.00 MILONGA Alegria with live music by Orchestra Tango Harmony
(adress: Harmony Studio- Rökk Szilárd u. 11, 1085 Budapest)

--- Saturday 2 November ---
15.00 Workshop COLGADAS I with Bela&Kata
16.45 Workshop COLGADAS II with Bela&Kata
18.30 Pratica TANGO with all teachers
(adress: Hölgyválasz Stúdió - Paulay Ede u.41, 1061 Budapest)

--- Sunday 3 November ---
16.00-17.00 Pratica MIRADA with Bela & Kata
17.00-19.30 Afternoon Milonga Tea Time
20.00-23.00 MILONGA ÉJIDŐ
Katiha Tango Studio - Rákoczi u. 20. 1em 5, 1072 Budapest)


Info: 333.5300844 – 377.1745226


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